Town Officers

Selectman's meetings are at 6:30pm on the first and third Monday of each month, at the town office.

 Planning Board meetings are the third Monday of each month at Community Building.

Town Clerk: Melinda Rowlands
342-3300 ext 201
Term Ends: March 2017
Monday 5pm-8pm
Tuesday Noon-8pm
Saturday 8am-Noon
Vehicle Registrations
Hunting and Fishing licenses
Dog licenses
Vitals and Tax payments
Deputy Clerk Maria Ojala  
Tax Collector: Roger Rowlands
342-3300 ext 204
Term Ends: March 2017
Tuesday 10am-Noon
Friday 10am-Noon
Tax Collection, Deputy Treasurer
Registrar: Marcia O'Jala
342-3300 ext 201
Term Ends: March 2017
Tuesday 3pm-5pm Voter Registration
Voter Registration System Maintenance
1st Selectman: Thomas Flacke
342-3300 ext: 203
Term Ends: March 2018
Monday 10am-Noon
Friday 10am-Noon
Road Commissioner
Tax Assessor
General Assistance
2nd Selectman: Randall Place
342-3300 ext: 203
Term Ends: March 2019
  Road Commissioner
Tax Assessor
3rd Selectman: Keith Thompson
342-3300 ext: 203
Term Ends: March 2017
  Road Commissioner
Tax Assessor
Treasurer: Janie Smith
342-3300 ext 205
Term Ends: March 2017
Monday 9am-3pm
Tuesday 9am-5pm
Payroll, Liens, Lien Payments, Warrants, Tax Payments
Code Enforcement Officer: Robert Temple
Cell 632-4741
  Building, Plumbing, and Electrical permits
Planning Board:    
Jean Dube 342-3121  
Tricia Hogan 342-5158  
Lyndon Whitcomb 930-5683  
Diana Herbert 342-4348  
Jacob Ojala 323-8939  
James Miller (alternate) (484)653-8066  
Appeals Board:    
Catherine Reynolds 342-5753  
Julia (Sandy) Flacke 505-2353  
Brenda Harford 342-5339  
Edwin Greeley 342-5186  
Bill Vachon 342-2443  
Health Officer:
Sally Demeter  
Term Ends: March 2017    
Animal Control Officer: Sandra Peeler  
Financial Management: Joyce C. Scott
Monday 8am-4pm
Tuesday 8am-4pm
Wednesday 8am-Noon
Trio Operations
Budget, Billing
Financial Oversight